The technology and the tradition of MWM engines are now also in a new line of gensets. MWM GENSETS offers products for applications in condominiums, data centers, telecommunications, rental companies, residences, malls, hospitals, supermarkets, construction, industries and agribusiness. 

MWM GENSETS uses exclusively the G-Line MWM engines latest generation and high technology, efficiency and performance, ensuring more durability and reliability in the most applications in power generation.

Complementing its portfolio, MWM GENSETS has companies that form a strategic alliance, providing to customers flexibility in choosing the best solution. MWM GENSETS products are available in powers from 30 kVA to 770 kVA at 50 Hz and from 40 kVA to 800 kVA at 60 Hz and are designed for applications of emergency, peak hour or single source of power, available in open and muted versions, manual or automatic, with or without parallelism.

Main Features:

√ Acoustic project according to ISO 8528.

√ Paint with powder based ink on polyester resin with electrostatic application, resistant to solar radiation and ultraviolet rays.

√ Weatherproof fairing, suitable for outdoors use, allowing quick installation, mobility and avoiding civil works.

√ Exhaustion of hot air and exhaust gases from the upper part of the equipment.

√ Removable center Column for an easy engine and alternator maintenance.

√ Hospital-type silenc installed on the inner side of the fairing, in the compartment exhaustion of hot air.

√ Lifting and movement point located at the base of the equipment.

√ Watertight base with independent compartments for the containment of diesel/lubricant and coolant, with drain for exhaustion.

√ Removable fuel tank.

√ Latest generation control system.